Monday, April 30, 2012

Ohours Debriefings (without losing your pants)

We’re excited to launch a new Ohours feature to help you:

  • learn what others think are your best topics
  • tell others about your awesome conversation(s)
  • stay in touch with each other over time
  • let Ohours know if issues arise

After your Ohours meeting, you’ll receive an email request for feedback. You can then send a follow-up message, share appreciation with your host/guest, or inform Ohours of any issues.

When you share appreciation, Ohours showcases the recipient’s relevant Ohours interests more prominently!

We’ve also made it easy to stay in touch with a host or guest after your meeting. With just one click, you can follow each other on Ohours or Twitter, connect on LinkedIn, or opt to receive a follow up reminder from Ohours in a few weeks.

We’re always thrilled to hear from you! We’ve received a ton of help from the Ocommunity (special thanks to Anni, Net Impact, and Andrew) and we’d love to know your thoughts too. Contact us any time at


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